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Coaching Hypnosis: Integrating Hypnotic Strategies and Principles in Coaching

The first published aricle that introduced and described coaching hypnosis. The paper mainly discusses: a) the use of self-hypnosis for the coachee; b) adapting age progression and age regression to fit coaching needs; and c) the use of indirect suggestions in the coaching dialogue to enhance coachee receptivity. Download the entire article. 


Suggestive Techniques in Coaching

In every communication, suggestion is at play. This article covers several suggestions you can incorporate in a coaching session to help better meet your client’s goals. Specific suggestive techniques with accompanying examples are described whcih coaching professionals can strategically incorporate in their coaching practice along with guidelines on howto enhance their impact.


The AC Global Bulletin – Coaching in Greece

The Association for Coaching (AC) Global Bulletin hosted a short piece I wrote on coaching in Greece. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, when coaching had just started appearing, primarily in business. The Athens 2004 Olympic Games, European funded programmes for employess along with the first Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) helped with the business case for employee counselling and paved the way for coaching. Since then, a lot has changed. Feel free to download the article. 


Training Employees to Respond to Armed Robbery at Work

After a robbery incident at work, a series of questions beckon answering. Should their be an immediate on-site intervention and what is it supposed to entail? Should we immediately offer counselling services or exercise watchful waiting? Is it best to just train management personnel in crisis management and offer guidelines on how to manage common behaviours and emotions following a robbery? Read the Linkedin Pulse and get your answers to these questions and more.


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