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Making Research Practical

For two decades, trainings and workshops have been delivered to diverse industries and professional settings internationally. The focus is on translating research into tangible advice and practical steps that can be implemented immediately within your organization with benefits extending beyond work.

All programmes are tailored to meet specific organizational and individual needs with content that is continually updated to include latest research findings. Below is a list of topics most often requested and delivered.

They are not a rehash of what you already know.


Brief coaching sessions can help executives transfer current research and learning from the classroom to the workplace.


Stress management and resilience involve behaviour, thoughts and actions which can be learned and developed. Find out why you should avoid a sole focus on stress reduction. Avoid the common mistake of intervening at the wrong time and learn not only how but also when to intervene to get the results you want. Most importantly, change the way you relate to your stress response and to your emotions.


Being in a supervisory role is not an honorary title. It is a position with responsibilities that require knowledge, skills and an interest in self-development. Experience training that includes both skills-development and self-development. Leadership development contents vary depending on requested duration and your needs. As with every training session, focus is on implementation and change.


The title doesn’t say “manager as coach” but “coaching skills for managers” for a reason. Managers have enough on their platter. They don’t need an additional role. What they do need is a skill set that will aid them in their responsibilities and help bring the best out of their employees. Learn how to incorporate effective coaching skills in your day to day regime that will make you effective at work and your life a bit easier… while remaining a manager.


We use feedback to promote improvement. Learn two types of feedback and find out how to use both of them effectively. Learn how to offer feedback that actually yields results and minimizes the risk of conflct. Discover the two essential goals inherent in every feedback conversation that must be met, if you want to deliver results. Discover specific strategies that can be immediately implemented at work. Simple. Pragmatic. To the point.


It is often the mismanagement of crises and not the crises themselves that have the most severe consequences for a firm. Awareness of the complexity of reactions to a critical incident is invaluable; this holds paticularly true for employers, managers and supervisors. This is not about PR. You will learn the specifics of what to do (and what not to do) during and immediately after critical or traumatic incidents such as accidents, armed robberies, violent attacks, natural disasters, and so on. Discover which of the many available post-crisis services are backed by science and which ones may cause more harm than good.


A brief training session with practical advice on how to deal effectively with a possible robbery at work. Learn what to do and what not to do both during a workplace robbery and immediately after the incident. It is packed with simple to follow guidelines that meet the needs of businesses, especially those in the bank and retail sector as well as establishments which have already experienced a robbery in the past because they are more at risk. Keep in mind, robbery is essentially a face-to-face interaction so a worker’s behaviour may be the most significant factor in determining the extent of its ramifications.

Delivered face to face, virtually or through blended learning 

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Execufront has been a leader in mental training and hypnosis-based practices in the development of global professionals and conducted the first ever International Coaching Hypnosis Project with experts form Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Expertise has been shared with countries such as Greece, Russia, Australia, Germany, Romania, Bahrain, Austria, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Cyprus and Iran.