Deliver results your clients will appreciate!

Enhance your knowledge and skills. Advance your career and deliver results your clients will appreciate. Join inspiring and content-rich training sessions that aren’t a rehash of what you already know.


This unique masterclass is based on the groundbreaking MRI strategic approach to rapid problem resolution, influenced by the likes of Milton Erickson, Bateson and Sullivan. 

Did you know you can get faster results by not focusing on the problem per se but on how your clients are trying to handle their problems? Learn how the problem lies in the solution! Learn how your client’s attempted solutions are maintaining or aggravating the very problems they are trying to solve and how to stop it. Learn my soon-to-be published step by step process that will enable you to identify and replace your clients’ unsuccessful and repeated solution patterns. Break the pattern and resolve the problem … the strategic way! Bring your clients’ issues (or your own) and put the process to the test LIVE!

Examples, demonstrations and practice sessions will equip you with the needed confidence for immediate implementation. More coming soon.


Suggestive influencing is inherent in every communication. This content-rich masterclass will show you how to use suggestions skillfully to help your clients achieve their goals.

Have you had the unpleasant surprise of eliciting responses that were unplanned and expected? Learn how to minimize such experiences. Become aware of the nature of suggestions and do away with misconceptions that are still prevalent. Learn my three step process of using suggestions effectively. Simple yet effective. Learn specific suggestive techniques and receive guidelines on how to incorporate them in your coaching practice.

Learn how to align suggestions with your clients’ goals. Examples, demonstrations and practice sessions will equip you with the knowledge to apply them in your work immediately. Download the article “Suggestive Techniques in Coaching”!

 Launching soon and delivered internationally!

The masterclasses are in the process of being updated and accredited. If you are a group or a professional and want to be notified when they will up and running again, simply drop a message. You will not be put on a list and will not receive any information other than what you have specifically requested.